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Currently the REFIT Project has finished and the project is being wrapped up. Work of the REFIT project is being continued in the iTREN and Worldnet project with whom cooperation has been sought in the duration of REFIT.
The REFIT project is currently finishing the work on the sensitivity analysis and the last content related work will be finished after the summer. The final report for WP7 is currently under construction and expected to be finished in the next half of this year. Furthermore the REFIT ad-hoc models have been used and assessed with results from the IMPACT-studies and sensitivity analysis have been performed. The deliverables which contain information with respect to the ad-hoc models have been accepted by the European Commission and can be found on the website (deliverables).

Below the introduction to the REFIT-project can be found:
European transport policies are increasingly important but the tools available to evaluate the effectiveness of these policies are still inadequate and fragmented. The REFIT project will provide the European Commission with a comprehensive methodology for assessing the impact of various transport policies and strategies on sustainability. The key challenge is to develop a methodology that takes into account the economic, the environmental and the social dimension of sustainability.
The REFIT consortium has identified three weakness in current practice of transport policy assessment. Firstly, the links between existing modelling tools and sustainability indicators are inadequate. Secondly, the existing modelling toolbox is incomplete, especially with respect to the impact of transport policies on regional economic growth, on social equity and on local environmental quality. Finally, there has been a tendency to address measures in isolation without an understanding of interdependencies between measures. Repairing these weaknesses will help to produce solid judgements about new transport policies.

Strong quantitative tool
Initially, a comprehensive assessment framework will be developed that links European transport policy objectives and indicators to the growing pool of tools and expertise accumulated within various European research projects. By combining an existing Europe-wide transport demand network model (like SCENES or Transtools) with the environmental TREMOVE model and the spatial economic CGEurope model, REFIT will offer a strong quantitative tool to evaluate transport policies. Additional evaluation modules will be developed to produce data for policy targets and indicators that, until now, have been hard to address quantitatively. These are most notably the impact on regional income and employment, local noise and air pollution, personal health and transport safety
The REFIT project is led by TNO and will be carried out by a consortium of institutes from six European countries. The project will be completed during the Summer of 2008. During the project's lifetime intermediate findings will be presented at various international conferences. The first occasion where REFIT will appear is the TRANSFORUM Conference, on 9 and 10 November in Amsterdam
On this project page an introduction, the objectives and the different workpackages are outlined. Secondly a list of the european partners who are particitpating in the consortium. Also a secure area is created to exchange documents between partners. There is a possibility to give feedback as well to find, and we welcome you to put up all your comments here.

  • The work on the REFIT project has finished and currently all administrative issues are being handled. The last deliverable D7 is currently under revision of the European Commission and will be published on this website as soon as it is released.

  • Deliverable 2 has been updated and is available as D2.2 on the website, furthermore D6.3, the sensitivity analsis, is also available through this website.

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